Planning a On30 Railway
Projects for the
Emerald On30 Layout.

This page highlights the various projects.
INTRODUCTION : In selecting Emerald as the basis of my exhibition layout, it means I would need Puffing Billy locos and rollingsrock, and specifically for Emerald. Since the 3 small steamers are normally kept there as is the NRT shunter - they are needed as well.

So about 2 years ago I found some 3D printable models of several Puffing Billy prototype. A website called will print and post your 3D designs, and sell them to anyone who pays - a price to print it. he designer is gvrocksnow. He has tried to help everytime I asked for a modelto be redisgned. And as well I thank Charles S fromCanberra who I believe commisioned these models.

At the time all the models were on HO scale, and I wanted O scale but in 1:48. Then they released Q129, the flat wagon used as a transport for the VR narrow gauge equipment. This year I sent a email to the 3D designer who then released many item in 1:48 So I ordered several units. But some would not print. The PBR Decauville #861 would not print,as the V didn't either. So that's when I ordered the Peckett. Itprinted and that was the start of these projects.

This page is not just about the shapway projects. Others will come eventually.
PBR's Peckett
a freelanced UK Diesal Loco
Posted: 5 september 2014
A quick trial of painting the shapeway white strong&flexible #D printed material

- tried some water based paint. Brushed on for now. Shows up the course finish very well !
PBR's DH class Diesal
NRT1, Emerald's shunter


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