Weipa in 'Z' scale ........ 1st year's dreaming ...."

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Planning to built the Weipa Bauxite Mining line in Z Scale,
as a exhibition layout.

And eventually in it's entirity, every bit of track !

What a task ! But I remmeber it well. Weipa, a mining town based on mining Bauxite. A railway 3 locos, 100 wagons on a never ending shuttle from the Andoom mine to Lorim point

Here's a link I have done to another small article - you'll see many photos here too.

Comalco of course gave way to Rio Tinto but I like the original, my father worked for them and IT sets the layout. 1994 was the last I saw Weipa, hence the memories and year now set. If anyone has Z scale weipa modern locos are welcoeme to run ;)

The railway will be DC operated, uness I pay someone to DCC the locos. The layout will be intentionally made to be automated. So I can talk or do whatever, and to ensure something is moving !

A project with a new scale is alway fun. I have to get around the scale and gauge, size, ratios etc. I am hoping to not need as much detail as in N or HO so I can do the red tree shrub landscape of the area. But with CAD, 3D printing I hope the layout wil show a different railway. An aspect is the haul roads for the big trucks and diggers. ThesI hop could be sourced as N gage items so I'll be up to every trick to make this layout look busy, and HOT.

So, now to do planning, enjoy !

David Head, February 2013

The layout at a glance (as proposed)

  • Name of Railroad: Weipa.
  • Scale: Z
  • Size of Layout: 15x20 Feet.
  • Prototype: Comalco Weipa Railway.
  • Period/era: 1994.
  • Layout Style:Exhibition layout, G shape form.
  • Layout Height: Not decided yet. High.
  • Benchwork: LAdders with a foam top.
  • Roadbed: Foam, cork track base.
  • Track:code peco55. Whatever point I get.
  • Length of mainline run: 20m approx.
  • Turnout(Point) minimum: no 6.
  • Minimum curve radii: 15-24 inches.
  • Maximum grade: 1:90
  • Scenery construction: All forms but lean towards Styrofoam, as little plaster as possible.
  • Control: DC control but automated with computer control for signal & points.
  • Starting Date: 2013
  • Completion Date: TBA (2031!)
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