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The big picture:
Update 13th February 2013

Let's dive into constructs again.

Looking at the over shape pesents me with some thinking. The longest leg is where the line turn 90% heads past the township then across the Mission River. I could go a few ways from there with the overal baseboard design. A normal rectangle could be used but it would be more square so I get Lorim Point right, ie the town/river length is very similar to the Lorin Point length. Then the run across the bushland& creek can be modified to come into Andoom. I could a series of contructs, a 'U' a 'G' a 'L'ish shape.

So after my google work as stated in the previous update, I got to work on constructs.

Top drawing, the scanned plan of system,
On the right is the line, traced over only.
Below is the Montage of the line, which includes the line only (4th drawing down) this one forms the basis for the constructs below.

Construct 1 & 2

Construct 1

Is the orihinal trace of the real goole mapped trackplan. Not much else to say apart from setting the shape and letting one question where to alter, shorten it.

Construct 2

This is the same diagram dressed up with a baseboard. The longest point is from the middle of the 90% curve at Lorim Point doagnally to the end ofAndoom. that could be at a guess over 32ft/10M easy. That is a lot of space for such a tiny scale . O gauge ayout could e made in the space.

Since the operation of the layout actually has a effect, will mention it here again. A empty train leaves Lorim Point on the runaround, shuttles to Andoom, picks up the loaded rake, back to Lorim Point, and so on. While the train is running, automactic jacks move the rake to load/unload a wagon. So the loco goes backwards/forwards on this shuttle. Now that could be boring if you are waiting for action. The rakes will be moved automacticall, with automation somehow, but no loads - too small. Plan to make the train run automactically and as fast as I wish, to keep movement. The 'yard' might unprotpyically have another loco shunting.

In other words travel time between each end is a factor desgigning it.

Construct 3 & 4

Well even in Z it is too big to do scale - within reason. Yes you could do it but boring !

So time to cut it.

Construct 3

I get started with the purple pen to show 3 small area,identified as being waste of space. From the Mission River to Andoom Creek the scenery is basically the same, the road, rail through the scrub. It shows the cut before & after. I wish to leave most as I do not want my trains to leave the Mission River Bridge to then roll onto the Andoom Creek Bridge, then to roll into Andoom itself.

Construct 4

I got more daring with alot of the space between the 90% turn and the township cut out. the before and after in the diagram should bear that is a step in the right direction.

Whatever way I cut it It has to show the lineside "highlights" I want. Lorim Point is not cut and reckon 5M at least in length, but I cannot plan on 2M train of 32 wagon+loco. That will also have to be reduced, what to ? 20?

Construct 5 & 6

Enough on size reduction, we'll revisit that sometime. Time for topology and the layout shape again. Note I have gone back o the uncompressed drawing as the basis.

Construct 5

Well we bent the Mission River to Andoom arm basically into 90%. This makes a "U" shape layout. Still makes a long layout. Which side to view, I have always thought about that. I had assumed they would be on the outside of the construct, the right hand side. The township would be background, Lorim point still a bit bushy that way as is Andoom.

But if they walked in the backscene is on the right, which is almost all bush until the unloading at Lorim Point, to allow the rest of Lorim point to be despicted on the backcen. Same for Andoom with the Unloading area. Some construct lend to one side.

Construct 6 You would think this would be a plan to suit the outside crowd, I'll admit that too. But since the size is small, baseboards need be 2ft even, it would let the public in. However That is what I'm thinking with this one.

I have increased the bridge to bridge more into almost 160% to allow a enclosed operating area.

Construct 7 & 8

Construct 7

Like plan 6 I bent the Section between Mission River and the Andoom Creek Bridge, then bent the 90% at Lorim Point a bit more to point to Andoom.

Construct 8

For tbis construct I shortened the railway then basically did the same thing as per construct 7. It has resulted in anoth slight curve aftr the line approaches the mission river bridge as well. It all adds to a smaller layout, and smaller space inside - no question which is public viewing on this one !

Construct 9

The last one for the night in this, the construct 8 was used on the photo line and had the sortening and rotating done. Then I cropped the pictures to make a "baseboard".

The weipa township is sure close to Lorim Point now, as is the Mission River Bridge. Andoom Creek is now close to Andoom too. The curve from bridge to bridge is still too long as it is a proper radius. That will change when the model is planned further do not need 2"M radius curves for Z !

Lorim Point also has two alt. configurations. I refer the attached one, not the alt. one, saving space and modelled area !

So far 9 has it. As stated before size matters, and what to reduce even in Z does too. I amd simply not able to consider T gauge, my hat is off to those increadible guys. I think Z is small enough to do this, yet remain a sizable layout for the scenery to track ration will be in favor of the scenery.

The average baseboard width would be say 14inches, the rail formation plus road ( a road follows the line 90% would be 3 inches from bush to bush. Some areas it would widen for bridge scenes to say 17inch, then really really big at 24inches for the yards.

In reality I have left off the "airport" but could make it optional. If I really had to the wharf would be optional. Normally I'd wish 3 sided viewing. - but will have to think about that too. Construct 8 could be considered a"U" still.

The benchwork is long and thin, no big modules at all. Assembled, still sizable. A lot easier and lighter to carry too. Setting up as we gt older is a consideration. And this is still a solo project.

Well that's it for now.

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