Weipa in 'Z' scale
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Update 8th March 2013

Purchase time.

Well while in Brisbane, in order to start the ball rolling I got the credit card out and went onto the internet and off to local shopes as well.

So I bought a fair bit :
  • One box of peco Z flex track
  • Two Microtrains Z scale sd40-2 locos - need repaint !
  • Two cylinderical grain hoppers - wagon test and view to kitbash to the ore wagons
  • 1 open wagon
  • 4 points
  • 3 shapeway sourced rapid prototyped hopper/flat/ open wagon - need bogies and painting
  • 4 shapeway sourced rapid prototyped weipe ore car - as modieifed from a TT NZ prototype wagon, modified by the designer.
  • 1 ship model to convert to the cargo ship for the dock
  • 1 ship model to convert from a container to a oreship, to be passing by the cargo ship.
  • 1 metal diecast Fokker F27 friendship in TAA colours - would prefer Ansett, but....
  • several shapeway sourced rapid prototyped aircreaft, a herc, a twin engine pass?, a 2 engine cessna, a small car, a small boat, and a pak of ribbish skips
So at the moment I could all but build the andoom end of the layout. The aircraft are there for aerial display, especially the Fokker Friendship as it was a regular and Weipa's means to fly in and out of the mining town. We could hear it and know when it came in or out, so it was a must to model, even on a string above the layout.

Both shop models were select for hull size, one the cargo ship close enough to the google one docked. The Container to ore ship was more for effect and size. Both ships need conversion for Z.

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