Wagga Wagga weekend 2015

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Gunzel Monday.

Monday is often our 'Gunzel' day before heading home. Int he morning I watched the Mexico F1 motorrace then packed up the truck ready to go. A Friend then picked me up and we headed off to Junee.

On the way weencountered a small container train hauled by a QUBE 80 class and two rebuilt 830 locos. The driver noted me put the camera out of the window and blew his horn just a little. Sowe then sped up a it to get ahead and stop to take video of the train going by. And again we got a horn fest, and the way done was great. even got a wave from the driver.

So we jumped into the car and headed to Junee station to see NR35/DL40/NR101 head fromt he ard light engine and go and sit on the main line at the northern end.Menawhile the train we saw before crawled into the yard fromt he south.Then thelight trio came intot he unused middle platform road, as the other train stopped. The locos were detached, as the Trio then headed south. The 80 class lead loco then shunted intot he yard onto soem other empty wagons. Not before another wave to us.

We decided to head back, thinking we'd might catch the NR/DL/NR - but I doubted it. Wondered wh they were out and about too.

Back at Boman we found the locos shuntingonto the small mini containter area there. SO we stopped at the station to get a view. To our surprise the driver came over and had a quick chat, turned out the locos were getting warmed up after the rain and had come down to help move some wagons around. a nice bonus to see. The drive then moved the locos back and forth and ended up in the old staion platform where we could easltl see the units. - many thanks to the driver and mate for the talk.

We then left them to it and I were dropped back to the truck. Then the long trip home........

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