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Update 25th November 2017
A JMRI Tale.

Well during the week I decided to tackle the JMRI and the webserver. Mick Molloy has started trying it, and after seeing a youtube video by Peter of Rochelle Intermodal I decided now was the time. First up I set up JMRI on the Rhasbery Pi, then wend upstairs to use muy laptop, connected to the Layout wifi and got onto the webserver part. I could bring up the panels and a rudamentry throttle. So that was encouraging.

Now the end aim was to buy some cheap tablets and use them as mini panels at some stations. Longer term aim is proper small panel with switches operaing like VR panels. But for now this idea will be a quicker to get going, and allow people to operate the staion a lot easier.

So I have got myself 2 cheap tablets. One is a 7 inch, the other a 10inch unit. First thing was to install the Engine Driver APP on both tablets, then connect them tot he layout wifi. On the bigger tablet the App works very well, allows me to control 2 locos seperatly at once..

Well now that I had done the tests, I now spent many hours ( literall) redesigning one of the panels so it was tablet friendly, ie all station were seperate and as small is I could make them.

I had to move and redo both staging yard areas. then I had to ensure the points were correctly oriantated to match the panel on screen

After testing here two photos of both panels on a temporary holder at Eyeseeh.

The left photo shows the 7 inch tablet displaying Wallen Loop.

The righthand photo shows the 10 inch tablet displaying Eyeseeh.

So there we go. I hpoe for at least one more update this year !

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