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The big picture: Update 2nd May 2006

Austrains 80 class 8028 was used to do the inugural run on the layout. DCC was used via my NCE system, I used the Radio throttle so I could follow and catch the loco if needed.

It dedn't derail, and I then did another run with my digital camera recording it, that file is too big (75mb) but a smaller file (35MB) is shown below.

Yes, two wagons have fallen off going to the floor - my fault as I reversed off the "head of steel" - on two seperate occasions. Either I put up some protecting cxardboard strips, or I continue work on the layout without trying the track. This is the key point I think, the desire to run which can hamper work. But am I strong enough ????

8029 passes throught the 2nd laid point,
about to head onto the spline roadbed and the outer track.
Heading slowly back, the two wagons are not detailed and no tears if they fall off
(which they have twice already).
'tis a long way to the floor, set back steady.... steady,
now on the other side of the peninsular.
8029 passed through the first point laid.
The alligator clips provide temporary power.
8029 at the end of the line, at the "head of steel".
8029 ready to head back down the Track.
Safely back at the start.The wagons are sitting on the crossover.
MOVIE: .wmv (1.5MB warning) The First train movement.
MOVIE: .wmv (1.5MB warning) The second train movement,
back down the line to the "station".
MOVIE: .wmv (1.5MB warning) The third train movement,
up the line from the "station".

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