Planning a new train room
The big picture: WIRING & DCC.

Thought I would revamp this page as it was written years ago. The page was a future thinking theory. Well today it is a lot different. Here's the Link to that original document.

So what DCC system do I have? a NCE powerhouse pro 5 Amp Radio system.
  • 2 full Procab radio cabs, one none radio Procab
  • 1 Cab06 radio encoder cab
  • 1 cab 05 radio and one 05 non radio
  • 1 Mini panel
  • 3 switch 8 tortoise accessory units in use
  • 15 BD-20 current track detectors
There will be more minipanels, switch 8's BD-20's and cabs planned. THere will be extra boosters too as multi-lashups are expected, and the time they will be needed is comming soon.

NCE is not the only DCC equipment :
  • DCC Specialties electronic circuit/reverse loop unit
  • 1 Tam Vally booster module, for the accessory bus
  • 6 Tam Valley Leddecoders
Future trial of the Tam Valley froh juicer is expected too. I will also be trialing the DCC Specialties PSX series of electronic 'DCC circuit breakers.

Hooked to the NCE system via serial cable is a windows 2000 based PC. It is running JMRI & DecoderPro works well.

Attached tot he PC is a wireless router. It is configured as a seperate wirelesslan/ wifi with no internet connection. It will be setup for android and apply products to act as throttles.

More distantly relted to this , there will be wireless ip webcams on the same network, so the apple and android users can browse to them as well.

Decoders in locos are mainly TCS with many others in use use, being Loksound, NCE, QSI, Bachmanne(for now), One Digitrax - though a friends has a few locos on the layout with digitrax and run quite ok.

Page written & maintained by David Head.