Planning a long Exhibition Layout

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The Long Layout


Back in 1991 the Somerton Model Railway Group exhibited their private layout "SOMERTON". It was a successful layout that was shown several times over 4 years. It was featured in AMRM once.

The layout was stored as life's committments took over for the group. We recently made time and decided to scrap the old layout in favor of building something new. This was no quick decison, and we knew there was alot of stuff we can reuse. Whatever we could preserve has been done.

These pages will follow the progress of the layout. It will be offered for exhibitions as soon as the layout is complete. Completion is not rushed, and the layout will be ready when it is. We have gone down the "a deadline makes it happen" route and we wanted a change !

We are based all over Melbourne, and in Sydney - Australia.

NOTE: Information will be updated as the layout is constructed or changed.

The layout at a glance

  • Name of Railroad: Not decided yet.
  • Scale: HO (1:87)
  • Size of Layout: 41ft x 3ft(modelled) 55ft x 10ft total required.
  • Prototype: South Eastern Australian - double track.
  • Period/era: Modern back untill 1950's.
  • Layout Style: Double track semi diorama style, continuous track. Sceniced on the front, backdrop, then staging yards behind.
  • Layout Height: About 1 Meter.
  • Benchwork: Open Grid.
  • Roadbed: 12mm Ply track base, 10mm canite to raise the track.
  • Track: Commercial code 83 track, commercial and perhaps some handlayed code 83 points. Staging to be Commercial code 100 track & points.
  • Length of mainline run: Easily over 100ft !
  • Turnout(Point) minimum: no 6.
  • Minimum curve radii: 36 inches.
  • Maximum grade: 1:45
  • Scenery construction: Styrofoam, plaster only where needed.
  • Control: DCC with computer control. Seperate signalling system.
  • Starting Date: May 2003
  • Completion Date: Perhaps 2004/2005


There is alot of useful information out on the Internet. Here are a few sites that I identify as being useful, for planning and inspiration.

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