Planning a On30 Railway

Videos of PBR - real & model.


In this list is the videos I have taken as part of my 'research' into Emerald. Some are of Emerald, and some other parts of the railway. Some model ones might appear when there is physical things to show.

All youtube videos are of 'dthead' by the way. Show roughly in order.
  1. Running On30 on my HO layout with a sound equipped Haskill NA
  2. Railfanning "the Trestle"
  3. Emerald, Menzies creek & the trestle...
  4. The Garrett over the trestle
  5. DVR's Climax trip.
  6. Around Emerald.
  7. 12A arrives at Emerald.
  8. 12A departs Emerald.
  9. 8A arrives at Emerald.
  10. 6A departs Emerald.

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