Ormiston Valley

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Here, warts & all is my "n" gauge railway.

It is for sale, and to be honest I'm not expecting it to sell to any one who isn't aware of what they are getting. (it SOLD)
The layout started life as my youngest Brother's railway, made from some old HO scale modules I had left over. Yes it was a case of having a second Railway for me to build and operate, for my brother never had any extended interest in building it!!

We actually took it to one model railway exhibition, that was held a the convention center back in 1993. We called it "Ormiston Valley", the Ormiston being the suburb my parent now live on in Queensland !

It then has a supporting role in one episode of "Blue Heelers". For that we fixed it up, and even borrows a KAto Steam loco from RailNthusist from Surry Hills, it wasn't used , the film crew deemed it too dark alas !

The layout has never been set up since. I have recently set it up to do some work to fix it and then sell it. Things like the non working turntable, the cntrol panel were stil to be done. Originally there was a backscene hiding the rear loop, but this was ripped off.

It comes with:
  • 4 Modules with all visiable scenery/buldings.
  • 1 control panel
  • the legs (need fixing)
  • 2 controllers (no transformer)
Note there is no rollingstock included.

Now, to the photos.....
The rough plan of the layout
From the mountain end we look the entire length of the layout. If you click to see the full image, you may see a HO point resting on the layout...
The underneath of the layout, scary stuff.
Halfway down the layout I look towards the mountain. Ignore the red wire !
Halfway down the layout , looking towards the two bridges. Before I lost interest I had thought of taking the yard off the mainline, and make a headshunt on a new bridge next to the girder one, then join the mainline.
3/4 down the layout , looking towards the mountain end. See the hinges at the front, they hold the control panel. The controllers are the same diode type as EMRC uses, but made by a friend for me, there are two with the layout.
The bridge end showing the end loop.
The control panel. Al major track sections are "A" or "B" controller, or else a isolating section. The points were added alot later and are numbered.The panel can be hung either side of the layout, sort of like "home" mode and "exhibition" mode. There was to be a turntable section but never fully started.
This is a example wiring of the layout so you can use it for 2 different self contained throttles.
This is a example wiring of the layout so you can use it for a "split potential" system with 2 throttles.
(This is how I think the railway is organised now, though I could be wrong !)