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ARE's 2014 xmas party

The ARE had their annual Christmas Party at DVR, a event awaited by DVR member with anticipation as it is never run the same way. This year was no exception with the use of the "hourglass" setup in locking the "Up Through" to run reverse into Meadmore Junction.It did lock out the use of the "Inner Circle". This allows the full use of Meadmore's capabilities in running the "Pine Tree Loop" in reverse, and normal direction. It also allows B Box at Diamond Valley to also send trains in the normal direction on the "Outer Circle" - all train returned to B Box via the small tunnel and the "Up Local" line.

So the evening was well attended by DVR members and thus a lot of train were available. The first train went about 4.13pm and the system was quickly clogged by train going in all directions. SOme trips took 3 times as long. But in the spirit of real railways, patience was required. By 9pm it was all over.

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