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Album 6

Joyce rests in 3 road while NA6 operates over on platform 1
5/5/99 D Head [ 49K ]
Some Electric traction in front of the workshop

19/6/97 D Head [ 80K ]
G527 runs express through 1A road at Diamond Valley Station

2/12/97 D Head [ 66K ]
On the Victorian Railway, the S & X class Diesal Electrics were basically the same loco. At DVR we have a S & X, but they are not identical!
30/11/97 D Head [ 88K ]
A View from the Overbridge of East Yards.
30/10/97 D Head [ 58K ]
At one of our Corroboree's the loco roads are busy with visiting and DVR locos.
9/11/96 D Head [ 109K ]
Joyce on the Outer Circle.
2000 D Head [ 225K ]
S301 on the Outer Circle.
2000 D Head [ 205K ]
Tom Thumb readies for action.
2000 D Head [ 267K ]
Joyce appoaches the fork tree cutting.
2000 D Head [ 252K ]
S301 passing through Meadmore Junction.
2000 D Head [ 231K ]
D21300 passes the East Yards.
2001 D Head [ 108K ]

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