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Bachmann On30 Climax 29/1/2015

#climax Bachmann Climax, On30. Runs well, no DCC or loads in bunker. Some detail missing and chassie bent near cab, model is great as a run down bashed logger. $200

$10 postage. Loco SOLD.

link to see the loco on the Stony Creek layout.
AN3 28/1/2015

#pgan3 Auscision GHAN AN3. $300

For sale on behalf of a friend. I had one but sold it. This one would also be available to be swapped for another AN livery.

$15 postage. SOLD
7 & 1/4 inch gauge carrycases. 22/1/2015

#2crate Two wooden crates that took two wagons to Perth. The crate is all wooden with wooden rails. Virtually free if you pick up, make me a offer....

(pickup only)

Note: grain wagons & trailer not included in sale ! SOLD
CL4 28/1/2015

#cl4 Austrains AN CL4 $240
(box is damaged, and labelled as such, loco ok)
$10 postage.
8011 28/1/2015

#8011 Austrains NSW 80 class in PN colours
IN box. $160
$12 postage.
BRM P class. Ho scale 18/7/2016

Y157 28/1/2015

#y157 Austrains Freight Australia Y class. $230

$12 postage. SOLD
NR75 28/1/2015

#nr75 Austrains Ghan NR class.
2nd Run $290

$14 postage. SOLD
Y129 28/1/2015

#y129 Austrains Vline pass Y class.
Model has a numberplate fallen off but is in the box. $230

$12 postage. SOLD !
DL46 28/1/2015

#dl46 Austrains PN DL class. $240

$12 postage. SOLD.
Peco 3Way points. 22/1/2015

#22way I have three Peco ho scale 16.5 , code 100 electrofrog 3-way points, $20 each.

$7 Postage
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