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X38 28/1/2015

#x38 Austrains VR X class. $220
missing one cab loco plate
$15 postage.
Athern Rs3 2/2/2017

#rs3 HO scale Athern Rs3 BO BO loco Milwauke Road numbered 465. NCE DCC decoder equipped by Trainworld Melbourne. Will ship in it's original box. $210

$16 postage.

Broadway Liited C16 On30 19/5/2015

#c16 Broadway Limited C16 2-8-0 Green Holiday Scheme. blueline sound/DCC ready. has DCC sound, but o DCC. Brand new, in box. Box never opened. $200

$12 postage.

Cs4 28/1/2015

#cs4 Austrains Silverton C class. $180

$12 postage.
Spectrum Consolidation 29/1/2015

#c280 Spectrum 2-8-0 with tender. DCC non sound decoder factory fitted. No box and mech needs repairs. $170

$10 postage.
CRT 73 28/1/2015

#crt73 Auscision 73 in CRT colours. $260

$10 postage.
Ho Scale Puffing Billy 28/1/2015

#hopbr Four kits made up, a NBH a NB, a NU and a flatcar
The flatcr has different bogies, the other three have n scale bogies. Lettering is rough.

Selling as one lot $140

$12 postage.
GN T381 28/1/2015

#gn381 Austrains Great Northern T class. $240

$12 postage.
8048 28/1/2015

#8048 Austrains NSW 80 class in Freightrail colours.
Model has no box, and has the European hoop type coupler fitted. $160

$12 postage.
80 Class 28/1/2015

#80class Austrains NSW 80 class in Freightrail colours.
Model is unnumbered. and has no coupler fitted. $160

$12 postage.
950 28/1/2015

#950 Lima AN 930 class with a Athern mechanism.
Model has no box $120

$10 postage.
X44 28/1/2015

#x44 Austrains FA X class. $260

$12 postage.
On30 stuff. 22/1/2015

#on30cb On30 American bogie caboose $60
#on30fw On30 American bogie flatcar with wooden deck $50

$12 postage.
Railcar. 22/1/2015

#amrc Working American Railcar, HO scale. $70

$7 Postage
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Link: A seperate list of American Models for sale on behalf of a friend.
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