Rebuilding the Great Caravan Railway
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6th March 2005

Over the weekend I have finished installing the tie bars in the double compound and glued the whole formation down in position. I also cut the slots to isolate a couple of the frogs from some closure rails. I also built a Joe Fugate turnout control. It's worked well so far with some changes from me. I am using an ex-Telecom key switch to do the electrical and provide the movement. The fishing line comes from the spring wire through the hole in the roller part of the switch then it is caught between the mounting plate of the switch and the road bed that the switch is mounted on. Because I have reversed the logic and the fishing line is tight to pull the blades to normal and slack for reverse the tendency for those switch to pop back to centre is reduced because to do that the line has to be tightened and the blades moved.


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