The Costerfield Line - Rebuilding the Great Caravan Railway
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4th June 2004

Mark held a major working bee on this day.

Over the last three weeks mark, David & Trevor have been prepping the station in his old caravan for removal. We cut wires,cut support & then reinforced the baseboards with 1x2 stiffeners on the top, as the joins are very week, escentially we are taking the top baseboard off the frame. All three stations were just resting in the caravan, loose.

Mark was also busy in the train room with brackets ready to old the station when they are brought in. On one wall has dynabolted several brackets to hold Greytown. He also made up many "L" girder beams in preparation as well.

The preparation was worth it. On the night we did find a few wires still attached, but they easily came out. With many helpers the frames in the train room were finished with "L" girders. THe partial mushroom was also L girdered, plus a small alteration, with the supports heading 90 degrees form the main L girder, we made them a L girder as well. This meant we could screw up from below into the stations - without affecting trackwork.

We also used a L plus upside down L rather then 2 'normal' L girders. Tis is to allow the upper part of the mushroom to be attached to the ceiling easier. The L girder on the other side if the room is more traditional.

Then it was time for the transfer. With many hands this was not the big hurdle we thought it might be. Slowly the baseboard was lifted oof it's resting place, turned 90 degrees and then carefully shuffled out of the caravan's former window (now a gaping hole), where more hands took it and then slowly carried it down to the train room. We had to make sure it went in the right way, one station wen in the wrong way, we had to take it out & turn it.

With all three stations in their new position, that was it for the night. We had to ensure the station rested ok on their new frame. It means Mark has more work to do to get the wiring off the baseboard, then he can attach the station to the baseboard.

This leaves little in the caravan. Anyone want the caravan ??

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