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26th October 2006

Re: Eureka's sound Garratts.

I had three visitors last night, Roger brought a Eureka AD60 (SE) and an NCE Power Cab. David brought an NCE radio base and two radio cabs. John brought a Eureka 620/720 (SE) set. I got a LokSound 3.5 decoder from DCC Concepts in the mail yesterday and installed it in a BL and I already have a brass R class with a LokSound decoder. So we had 4 sound equipped "locos", when the volumes were up it was way over powering ina relatively small room.

John and Roger are both NSWGR modellers and were very happy with the Garratt sound, very nice how it gets in and out of synch. We all felt that the exhaust was not soft enough when the locomotive is drifting but that is a common complaint with steam locos, my LokSound R class is the same. Maybe something can be done with the BEMF settings to improve the situation.

We also connected the NCE Power Cab to the layout in place of my NCE 5 amp system. Then we connected the radio receiver to the Power Cab. Then we used the Power Cab as a Pro Cab on the 5 amp system with radio working as well. All these combinations worked well. I think we have convinced John to buy a Power Cab so he can enjoy the full sound features of his 620/720 and his 38 (when it arrives).

Next victim of the three NCE disciples is Trevor (next Friday).

Mark Laidlay

Sorry no photos taken on the night, too busy operating !

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