The Costerfield Line - Rebuilding the Great Caravan Railway
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26th July 2004

Mark has been slowly making progress, here's a log of the last few weeks:


Spline successfully installed over weekend for branch line. Plywood screwed underneath frame so abutments can be built and spline removed for replacement by bridge.


Hooked up the power supply and moved locomotives on short lengths of track in the Graytown yard. I used a 25m lead bought for $16.89 to run the current around the room. While looking for long lengths of coiled sheet metal (300mm wide by 10 to 20m long) I picked up 5 6X4 sheets of steel used as house sale boards. Some of this will be used for the Costerfield backscene which will also be the support for one side.


Since last report the abutments for the trestle bridge above the work bench I got some off cuts of 10mm ply to extend Greytown to build the branch junction and silo track. This has been fitted joining the yard to the spline for the branch. The track layout now has to be determined, the actual branch junction might have to be via a double slip. I would rather plain points as I don't want a double slip on the main line as it is rare in the prototype but I also don't want the mainline to be the curved route on a turnout.


The desired plan for Greytown has been determined. To ensure it will fit I made the hole through the double brick wall into room 2. I then tested the space and determined that all was ok. The track plan for the mainline and the branch is finalised but the whole yard area does not need to be finalised yet. I cut out the spline where the trestle is to go, there was some movement despite reading from others that there should not be any, I can work with the small movement. Next I can install the spline for the gravel loading area, install the new/revised trackwork in the yard, build the trestle and add temporary roadbed and track at either end for the mainline. As the mainline at both ends of Greytown goes into room 2 it will be sometime before the permanent track is built.


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