The Costerfield Line - Rebuilding the Great Caravan Railway
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17th March 2004

a little bit of work last night and a lot of thinking.

Progress Log.

17/3/04 Worked on western L girder under Costerfield, levelled and screwed to legs. Checked with laser level. Measured Costerfield in caravan, basically 18" wide with extension for goods shed. If backscene comes down right on the western side of the original light fittings it will give 20" width for Costerfield. I clamped up some 2X1" to look at how to hang the western L girder under Costerfield. I will use temporary diagonals supporting several joists and the L girder will be supported by them which will support the remaining joists. Costerfield will then be removed from the caravan and have the existing joists removed and the locomotive depot removed. Will then try to see if it can be installed in one piece by removing the door to the garage. As it is installed the joists will have to be positioned to clear the wiring and point relays, that may necessitate moving some of the supporting joist that have the diagonals. When all is in place and operational the back scene can be installed from the Eastern L girder to the ceiling then the diagonals can be removed. Graytown will have to be installed before the Costerfield back scene to allow room for it to be swung above Costerfield while it is moved to it's position against the eastern wall of the main room.


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