The Costerfield Line - Rebuilding the Great Caravan Railway
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16th April 2004

a little bit of work last night and a lot of thinking.

Progress Log.

16/4/04 David Head visited on Friday night to help me think through the exact position of the turntable and shed tracks. We measured Costerfield (still in the caravan) and checked how the 180degree curve would fit and if a head shunt would fit in between at that end of the yard. We looked at whether a Garratt road would fit also. In the end I decided that the head shunt will fit but the Garratt road may not. On Saturday morning I went to Canzonet timber and picked up my first bundle of Masonite spline material, 72 feet or roadbed for $45. Over the rest of the weekend I lowered the level of the L girder under the loco depot, fitted an L girder across the room (2.6m) (across the window) and levelled the loco depot, it's not screwed in position yet but it is in the final position. I also realised that I am going to have to install the second L girder under Costerfield up side down to allow extra clearance for the station underneath. With the dropped L girder under the turntable there won't be any room for scenic treatment on the lower level so the narrow gauge will go into a few short staging tracks.

Next job is to install road bed for loco shed and tracks. A decision needs to be made as to whether this is to be a straight shed (typical for VR) or a roundhouse, Seymour may have had a roundhouse once, there are/were radial tracks there. The hole in the end of the van needs to be enlarged to get more stations out, lower staging tracks have to come out first. Doubts went through my mind on the way to work as to whether I am doing the right thing, maybe I should build a "surround staging" layout with just one station like I keep telling other people to do.


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