The Costerfield Line - Rebuilding the Great Caravan Railway
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14th Mach 2004

14/3/04 I went to the timber shop and found 4, 3 metre 70mm X 20mm timbers for $12. As the room is 6m from the right hand side of the door to the far end wall I used this to make part of the L girders for Costerfield and the branch terminus. I got 40 metres of 45mm X 20mm timber in one metre lengths for nothing from Grant (next door neighbour), some of that is the top of the L girder. This timber will be more useful for cross pieces and risers being short lengths.

I now have to get 70mm X 20mm for the second L girder on both levels. I am wondering how to hold it up for Costerfield, as you know I want the back scene to go to the ceiling to hold it up in the long run but I can't do that until I move both Costerfield and Graytown from the caravan, I need the clearance to swing them. I think I will need to install legs to the floor then install the stations then suspend the L girder from the ceiling then cut out the legs to build the branch terminus.

I think I need the L girder at the backscene side of Costerfield right against the backscene so it can be hung properly, that means I have to decide how wide Costerfield is going to be now. How wide do you think I should allow?

How does "Merringanee" sound as a town name for the branch terminus? It was the name of a town on the 1993 TV series "Law of the Land" which was filmed around Nutfield and Whittlesea. Maybe I could use the trackplan of Whittlesea (which I have) as the basis for the yard then add in narrow gauge.


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