The Costerfield Line - Rebuilding the Great Caravan Railway
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12th April 2004

a little bit of work last night and a lot of thinking.

Progress Log.

12/4/04 (Easter Monday)

I removed the Costerfield loco depot area from the caravan. Cut rail at entry and the parallel goods siding. Used jig saw to cut through plywood. Some of the joist were removed and some cut though depending on whether I could remove the screws or not. The sub panel went with the track to reduce the amount of wiring that had to be cut. I cut what had to be cut but still had to cut more when the actual lift came. The jig saw vibrates everything and some track came loose, that could be a useful technique later. When I actually lifted there was a nasty noise. I had used a piece of 3 ply to join two pieces of 19mm ply when clearance was tight. I turned the whole thing on it's side and screwed some 45mm X 20mm timber underneath parallel to the track to strengthen everything. The loco depot is going to go at the end of the Costerfield operating aisle, I plan to have the storage tracks at 90 degrees to the ready tracks. The storage tracks will go across the end of the aisle. I want to keep the turntable over into the aisle as much as possible to leave room for a headshunt at that end as well as a garrat road.

Next job is to fix the position of the turntable and related trackage.


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