The Costerfield Line - Rebuilding the Great Caravan Railway

Here is a plan that Mark has worked on. He originally did it on paper, then with Roger Lloyd's help saw a Autocad drawing. Mark then learnt a way to do it (roughly) in Excel. (See here) to see what he has come up with

It meets many of Mark's goals, it has all his stations, with only one needing modification. The Partial Mushroom is a feature of the plan.

The bottom of the partial mushroom is a branch terminus with a connection to a privately operated railway serving a paper mill, this is where a Whitcombe loco is needed but a GE 44 tonner may be pressed into service until the Whitcombe happens. It might just end up with an old steam loco doing the job.

The pier is on the lower level behind the door. This plan allows for plenty of switching, and more destinations. Costerfield had lost the pier, but gained an additional idustrial area above the pier.

Both levels are reached by a 2-5 turn helix that has a inner helix to allow through running or loads in/empties out. This inner helix is also a continuous run option as well. For example one can timetable a pass to run through the railway in one direction, the reuse that pass for a second run in the same direction (as far as the modelled portion is concerned).

The continuous run also allows both Staging yards to be used regardless of position, effectively increasing capacity.

Both yards at each end are reverse loop style.

Please note the spacing of the blue squares are 1ft.....

See the Lower Staging See the Lower Level See the Upper Level See the Upper Staging

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