The Costerfield Line - Rebuilding the Great Caravan Railway
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November 2003

In August 2003 it occurred to me that I was planning to put Ninamanima at the higher level against the middle wall in stump land. I am thinking that this is too high at about 58 inches. I could have a false floor to raise it but Hazel Dale loop is at the lower level as is the lower staging.

I thought I might move Ninamanima to the lower level and put it above the staging where Hazel Dale loop is at the moment, the loop could go at the top level as the trackage is so simple. This would put Ninamanima as the junction of the pier branch which is also better. Problem is that would put a station 4 inches above the staging making access very poor.

Two options exist:
  • make the lower staging similar to the upper in that it becomes a multi track return loop like in the caravan. This would probably reduce the number of tracks I originally planned
  • other option is to have a return loop then reverse down hill into staging 8 inches below Ninamanima in the new position, this would be single ended staging.
The third option is a combination of both to get capacity back up.

A disadvantage of this is the loss of the multi directional staging for running loads clockwise and empties anti-clockwise. Maybe I could put a small number of tracks for this purpose on the spiral.

In November 2003 I decided to make the branch terminus an interchange point with a 30" narrow gauge line which heads up into where the paper mill was to go under the Costerfield locomotive depot. This will be VR prototype as I already have the locomotives. The branch will be 60lb rail from Graytown, then NG (lighter rail still?) up into the corner.

Also I am thinking of adding another branch on the other side of Graytown with the junction controlled by but remote from Graytown. This would head down to the proposed staging underneath Ninamanima. This would provide an early continuous route and long term operating variety.


There has been a work bee on the new layout. It was to put in the false floor in the main layout room. This is where the operators for Costerfield will stand. As Costerfield is about 64 inches high this 16 inch high floor will put the station at a comfortable 48".
The floor ply is now in place and it is being used temporarily as a shelf for boxes of rolling stock and magazines and books while a book shelf is built from floor level up underneath Costerfield and the un-named branch terminus.

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