In and around Wagga Wagga 2004

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Some of The SGAL team headed North from Melbourne to visit the annual Wagga Wagga annual invitation run - for miniature trains. Along the way we saw many full scale trains, and here are a few photos from this weekend.....

Photos taken from 5-7 November 2004

Y121 & 700.
Thunderchild made it's welcome reappaearance.
A fantastic NSW 32 class at night.
This loco sounded great as it passed by.
Some locos around the upper turntable.
More locos around the lower tutntable.
A smaller green 0-4-0 steam loco.
London Transport seems to make a great
basis for a good looking loco -
which this model captures very well.
700 passes the upper water tower.
the NSW makes for a great model.
Bunyip & Thunderchild side by side.
This loco was not only a interesting loco, but was adorned with 'interesting' attachments.
This loco caught my eye as it looked to me like it was painted in British Racing Green !
A railmotor passes.
SR&RL no 18 glides past.
A NSW 73 class passes by with a great looking train.
Cane Train - fantastic !
"Brisbane Water" - at the Model Railway exhibition.
The glossy finish of this F7 and it's stainless steel carriage were an eye opener.
Looking like a DJH whitemetal & brass HO scale kit
this real steam loco passes by
- I wonder it's future colour??
Two similar looking shunters from Cobden do a push-pull.
"Stockinbingle" at the model Railway show.
"Brisbane Water" at the model railway show.
A fantastic VIC "H" takes shape.
700, on it's first outing since TOTAL refurbishment.
Tootles near the upper char bins.
A NSW 44 loco model.
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