Wagga Wagga 2014

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The annual Wagga Wagga invitation run is on every weekend that falls on the first Sunday of November. Always a good weekend many DVR members will come up despite any event elsewhere as we always have a good time here.

We brought up a good collection of DVR based equipment. Woody was ther, after it's incident last week at DVR. Y121 came, along with Geebee. Maros came up and 7 graincars managed the trip. Paul Gillard's open wagon, one of colin Mierisch's gondolas, a dn DVR's GY an ZL completed the line up this year.

As a special appearance was from what will be Tony Kocuiba's CL, brought up by Concord Engineeering. On a restrored trailer, Michael and Russell Murdoch brought the loco up for fun and other railway testeing.

Friday was so hot there was a fire ban. Wagga looked it would be a fizzle with very few locos. Saturday was colder with some rain, but a good turnout and plenty of steam were fired up. Sunday was cold in the morning but nice weather, but a smaller public turnout.

As with any visit to Wagga, we had a good time. Thnakyou tot he people who make it a must do every year.

Photos taken from 31st October - 2 November 2014

Some Youtube videos.....
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