In and around Wagga Wagga 2013

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The annual Wagga Wagga invitation run is on every weekend that falls on the first Sunday of November. Always a good weekend many DVR members will come up despite any event elsewhere as we always have a good time here.

We brought up a small collection of DVR based equipment. Also Simon Briggs had his 49 class there. Mat Cantel has his swish 4-4-2 5 incher. two little blowflys were there too, one we saw at DVR in the GY last weekend at our birthday run.

So what did we bring : All this on 5 trailers and one truck.

We had a blast mixing, matching the rollingstock. The 13 car grain train was quite ok and actually formed the VIP train. Then about 4pm Sunday we hooked up everything five locos (all DVR's plus the 49), all the rollingstock, plus Geebee on the back we had ( robert had 3 of his red cars there already - and went for it !!!!!!! what fun !

Photos taken from 31st October - 3 November 2013

Some Youtube videos.....
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