Visiting the Stony Creek Railway
- On30 17th June 2008

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Little did I know what I were to see tonight when a fellow EMRC member invited me to see his uncle's railway. I were tolds bring a loco if I had On30. So I turned up at Bill's place (the EMRC fellow member) and should have realised what was in store.

I mean I had already seen the HOn2 1/2 layout Bill had, which was his uncle's - a very detailed and scenic narrow gauge layout. It alone would be a great article. Bill showed me and Charles (another EMRC member invited) a one meter square On30 layout that his uncle threw out, and Bill was restoring. It was a good detailed layout that was being exquisitely restored, altered and experimented by Bill. I would suggest many would like to see it as well....

We then clambered into Bill's car and off to his uncle. A very friendly gentleman, his layout was amazingly well detailed. I cannot stress that enough. Those in the know who lean towards narrow gauge railways will know of
"Narrow Gauge Downunder" (Link to website)
- a dedicated narrow gauge railway magazine. This layout was featured in issue 27, October 2007. The photos here on this page do not do the layout justise, the photos by John Dennis do though in the magazine !!

The layout in the magazine (we were shown the issue) was before he added more track and scenery.

Now I had brought a On30 climax by Bachmanne along, not detailed, missing a coupler and some detail,loco worked and was secondhand after being dropped. It was not worthy of such a layout. Yet Richard was interested in it as he was toying with getting such a loco and thought it would not get around his layout. So we got it out and well it could get everywhere but the loco shop and the final part of the new extension. He was happy it would do the mainline !

It was great seeing my loco in such a setting, as up to now it was plinthed in a display cabinat at home, not having a ON30 layout (yet) - it had dirty wheels so it do not run that well, but it cleared most of the track, and tunnels (just). In fact I left it with him to test with... and will retrieve it some weeks into the future. He was getting more enjoyment out of it than I !

This may get me wanting to build my On30 layout (in addition to my HO layout, aN scale layout, 7 1/4 inch etc. ) which will to be a VR narrow gauge line connecting with a small tramway - like Collins sidings on the Wahalla line.

David Head

Photos taken from 17th June 2008

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