AMRA (Vic) CLub Layout 2001

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I spent a day heading up from Melbourne - Milura, then straight back again. Here are the railway action I saw. There are several shots I took of some infrastructure as well.
G511 shunts at Bridgewater on Loddon 26/8/02.
G511 just west of Inglewood 26/8/02.
J524 at Donald, with a Magpie on sentry duty on the funnel ! 26/8/02.
A Silo shed, location not noted 26/8/02.
Silo at Lichefield 26/8/02.
Looking at the roof of the silo at Lichefield 26/8/02.
A hi-rail truck on the line north of Lichefield 26/8/02.
2 silo facility, Watchem 26/8/02.
2 silo facility, side shot,Watchem 26/8/02.
2 silo facility, detail of loading spoats, Watchem 26/8/02.
2 silo facility, top looking shot, Watchem 26/8/02.
3 beam crane, unknown location 26/8/02.
The train that got away after funbling with the camera, sth of Ouyen 26/8/02.
Ouyen yard, looking South from the overbridge 26/8/02.
An unidentified "X" at Mildura 27/8/02.
The Mildura Turntable 27/8/02.
The old car shed at Mildura 27/8/02.
Loading containers at Mildura 27/8/02.
S307 at Ouyen 27/8/02.
X47 & G513 at Mittyack 27/8/02.
X47 at Mittyack 27/8/02.
G513 at Mittyack 27/8/02.
An old water tower stand, location not noted 27/8/02.
An older door goods shed, location not noted 27/8/02.
An grain style loading hopper over the mainline, location not noted 27/8/02.
Wycheproof Station 27/8/02.
The old pit at Wycheproof 27/8/02.
The rail heads north out of Wycheproof station straight in
and down the main street 27/8/02.
K 167 and a ZL rust/rot away at Wycheproof 27/8/02.
In Charlton there were 3 old GY's with tarps in use as a grainery related company 27/8/02.
The remains of a overbridge, Charlton ? 27/8/02.
An older brick goods shed at Inglewood 27/8/02.
RT11 at Bridgewater on Loddon 27/8/02.
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