AMRA (nsw) Branch Liverpool Model Railway Exhibition 2017

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This year drove up to NSW for 2017 Liverpool show. On the Friday headed for Liverpool. The motel was ok and also right next to the main road tot he show.

Well Saturday saw me drive all but 5minutes to the show, and getting a good park saving a lot of walking at 10.49am the queue was only 80m long so it was not a huge wait. Then, into the show. As usual saw a lot of people I knew and some I sort of know.

The show was a modern show, lots of traders and some layouts in between. Talked to anyone who stood still. Saw a few guys out running the miniature railway, great stuff !

Yes a few items were purchased, Two NCE (new release) 21 pin decoders from Gary at MRC. and some bogies from Austrains. I left the show for a while as I were tired and went off on a free bus to Liverpool Railway Staion and back, a nice ride and it helped, as all that staring and walking wore me out no end.

By 4.40pm I decided that was enough and headed back to the hotel.

I headed home Sunday to watch the F1 race.

Here's the photos of the day. No captions for now, maybe in a few weeks ;)
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