Hobson Bay 2002

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Hobson Bay Model Railway Club staged their 9th Model Railway Exhibition over Easter.
The SGAL team were there.

AR Kits had a new loco on display - a Silerton 45 class. Anthony's room, a compact switching layout - no excuse for a interesting railway in the smallest of space ! Florey Springs - a fine South Australian Layout had these two nice steam locos.
SA modellers will cringe when I guess them to be a 620 and a 520 class, with some bluebird railcars behind.
Powelltown, a logging railway. Wallen, with an international star on show ! Victoria Creek.
A busy yard on Murranbilla. Florey Springs. Murranbilla.
Somehow I think that On30 NA will not go under the footbridge on Victoria Creek.... Wallen from the road, with a "B" flashing past in the background. Florey Springs, and their mine.
Wallen. Anthony's Room look great in the dark, highlighting it's size. Murranbilla, with a Y" and a "T" shunting.

The photo to the left shows TRAIN CAM on Murranbilla
(the train on the left)

The photo on the right is the TV view of the same scene, as seen by TRAIN CAM !

TRAIN CAM returned to Hobson's bay, and was a talking point. It belongs to their President, and I for one enjoyed what it offered. The train is the camera train, the actual loco ( this time a "C" ) then the transmitting van, followed by battery wagons. It travelled over all HO gauge track at the exhibition, with a TV monitor outside the hall for veiwing live. It was very interesting to see the layout from that perspective !

When they were not showing live feeds, they showed their club layout, impressive.

( I would really like one now ! )
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