Glenreagh Mountain Railways

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The SGAL team headed North from Melbourne to travel to Brisbane, and there were many diversions to do and Railways to see. MY hightlight was thevisit to GMR, whuich was operating for themselves. But We found them to be a very welcoming people and we got a ride. We spent 3 hours at least there ( 3 hours we should have got to Brisbane !)

- it was worth it. What got me was their friendliness and spirit. I will be sending a donation "soon" !

The generator used to power the Melbourne tram.
1919 pulls "S" truck, with passengers !.
Comming to the end of the line , int he trees.
1919 as far as it can go (as of December 2006).
The last concrete sleeper laid so far, just before the bridge.
The bridge holding up progress.
Concrete sleeper clip.
A Trike comes over the bridge after doing a inspection run.
The trip on the trike was exceptional.The bush closed in alot - is there track there, I am assured by our driver there is , as we come on it.
The views were great as we climbed and climbed, cannot wait to hear 1919 up these grades!
The end of the trike ride at the burnt out culvet, that is dissapearing into the bush.
The trike back at base.
A Melbourne tram in NSW......
1919 shunts at the end of the day.
1919 does some shunting.
1919 lifts their stainless steel pass cars back to the station.
Movie: .wmf format. : 1919 lifts their stainless steel pass cars back to the station.
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