Railpage visits AMRA (QLD) CLub Layout 2006

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Railpage, that Railway Internet forum and it's members visited the AMRA QLD branch Wednesday 4th January 2006. Several AMRA members also log on to Railpage, so their presence was vital to get things running.

It got off to a slow start, and the Garden Layout with live steam was a great attraction indeed - the people there were very friendly and easily explianed a few things about what was running at the time.

For my part my DJH 12 class 1210 met up with a railpager and we combined his rollingstock with my engine and set off onto the club track.

Several members had some excellant 12mm gauge QR trains, and mnaged to quiz them on kit suppliers. There was some Sn3.5 models as well, my highlight was the sunlander set, as wll as that yellow MIM loco, and that fine 1550? loco on the lead of the Sunlander.

Apparently it was the busiest night for this time of year for ages. If yuo missed out, arrange to visit - it is worth it. It was a fine evening and thanks does go to Roger Jones for a great night.

1210, 1307 and EL57 - dthead's fleet at AMRA QLD)
I'll show my ignorance and say a fine QR electric XXX class modek , with two more QR electrics behind.
QR's bronco colours, pity the photo doesn't show how good these 12mm gauge HO scale models truly are.
Live steam out in the garden railway. a xxxx model.
A Hanovale AK/FAM track inspection car's rear windows.
The Newcastle flyer with a 38 in charge. That should be "StormyWeather" at the rear.
2322 awaits it's turn on track
Two NSW 13 class locos pose together.
Underside of a AK car.
A NSW 32 class roars up the spiral.
NSW 80 class on a AK inspection train.
A NSW 1210 ready to pull a mixed out of a yard.
1210 on the layout.
A NSW 12 class, number 1210 at a station.
Sn 3 1/2 Sunlander the way I will always remember it.
A On30 train on the tracks. the Thomas Kinkades Christmas Express.
A MIM shunter I think related to a 73 class or a DH class....
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