AMRA (Vic) CLub Layout 2001

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When two clubs share an operating session, 11May 2001. SGAL was there when the EMRC (Eltham Model Railway Club) visited the AMRA VIC branch layout at Glen Iris. AMRA returned the favour of a great night at EMRC's clubroom with a equally pleasent night on AMRA's layout.

Thanks to Roger Lloyd from AMRA who supplied the captions.

Coal Train at Littlebank Station (who left that timetable sheet accross the tracks?)
Littlebank Station from up end (L to R, Wayne Armstrong, Roger Lloyd, Bob Marsden, Ken Moncreiff,Don Shelden)
Coal Train at Marsden Mine
General view of St John Station
Lloydhurst Station
St John Station from near the entrance to the yard
Ebinger Station, the terminus of the branch line
Bridge accross doorway on the branch line to Ebinger
Looking towards the drivers' stand (Ken Moncreiff,Bill Secker,Don Shelden) with Lloydhurst in the forground, Gorfield with the tall building with Bob Marsden behind.
Lloyhurst station from near the yard entrance
Mark Laidlay and Alan McKenna at Lloydhurst
The fuel depot and engine shed at Lloydhurst
The VR train has departed Lloydhurst. below ar ethe tracks of Ken's Crossing while on the right is Littlebank Station
Train entering Ken's Crossing
Littlebank Station
Littlebank Station
Looking accross StJohn Station to New England and down end of Morehouse
The coal mine at Littlebank
Littlebank Station and oil depot
Armstrong Station with Roger Lloyd taking it easy, in the centre are the tracks from Armstrong to Lloydhurst with NSWR 45 class and the small station on the right is the short branch terminus of New England
The branch line between Graeme Siding and Eninger
Morehouse Station
Morehouse Station in foregorund and Gorfield Station with Bob Marsden in the background
A VR "R" class departing Armstrong
Passenger train entering St John with locos in the head shunt on the right
On the main between Littlebank and Morehouse
train on elevated track on the branch to Ebinger
View from St John with Littlebank and John McClure at the branch line in the background
The branch between Eninger and Graeme Siding
Ken's Crossing with Littlebank on the left
CPH railmotor at Ebinger
the branch between Ebinger and Graeme Siding
Littlebank Station
Ebinger Station
A 15 second look at the layout, includung the cab display.
Lima GY's make a lot of noise on the branch, heading from Ebinger.
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