Of Australian National Model Locos, 2014

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Someone on Railpage asked about a AL model and how to power it. Could not help with that but I do have a AL model in HO scale. Purchased it RTR from Train World years ago, over 12 years I think at least. The model was a expoxy casting using a athern mech, possiblly a Sd40-2 mechanism. When purchased I has to pull it apart to polish the bogie swivel as it stuck. After the polish it ran great.

While not DCC equipped, and it will be one day, apon theRailpage thread I agreed to take a few photos. And then I thought why not get the collection of Green and gold AN locos out.

So: So here is a lot of photos taken today of the locos. Hope it is of interest to some......
Photo below may be rather large, be paitent.....
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