3801 Spotting 2006

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Monday 6th November 2006 saw a trip from Wagga Wagga that went to Junee, and found the roundhouse closed (I think after the great railways weekend at Wagga Wagga for model&miniature trains, that they would be open to get a lot of people on their trips back). So we waited to se the XPT come through in both directions. We then heads to Cootamundra to see if we couls see siome trains there. Heard some talk of a charter train cimming in about 6pm , and tought hte melborune cup trainw as not comming until a lot later inthe evening.

So we drove off after some time waiitng to the older station onthe triangle. Saw a truck with what looked like bales on a truck with a crane. -- Wait a minute that is a method to recoal steam locos on trips. So it was back to the statrion yard.

3801 duly arrived at the Station, what a surprise. Almost as soon as the train was stopped, 3801 was recoaled in a sleek and well rehersed operation that was quite interestin to watch. The train's passenegrs went odff in buses, I assume for tea. There was a lot of people watching the train, families etc. Then it moved off once the coaling was done. It pulled on to the "up" line to Sydney, then reversed back toCootamundra's dock road where it split it's train in order to water the loco I presume - it was time to head back to Wagga

Seeing it in the flesh after hearing so much about it's grey undercoat running, and the talk of this new paint job. I said to myself, are we sure this is the real 3801? could it be a brand new 38 class loco? it was immaculate ! Truly a credit to those passionate members. Green wise I cannot comment, it looked good. And the photos below may not give the loco credit due to the age and abuse my digital camera gets!!

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