Melbourne-Brisbane 20002/2003

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Had a great trip From Melbourne to Brisbane just before Christmas, then after the new year I headed back to Melbourne, Saw a few trains, and other features. Here are the highlights ......

At Goondawindi I decided to see what progress there was of the Melb-Darwin Railway. I were directed to this spot. Now which is the tree?
18dec2002 David Head
Well here's the plaque. complete with one spike....
Well here's the tree. It may make a few "G" gauge sleepers, but not even a 5inch one let alone a full sized sleeper. Decided to give it some good melbourne water, to help it along (from a bottle, I always carry extra water on long trips).
So we have one spike, and one tree, pretty good progress !
( Yes I am having some fun, seriously I wish more real progress would come )
G519, at Moree, NSW sitting int he formar livestock siding,
3/1/2003 David Head
A great rail safty sign seen serveral times on the Newall Highway, this one as you approach Narribri,
(There should be more - congrat to a well known aus.rail photographer and his contribution to level crossing awareness)
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