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This Page is dedicated to Chris Herburt whi building a mis sized Bristish layout. Chris is a mebmer of EMRC, and as a group we have been able to advise him on aspects of his "empire" in the making !

This page is a ideas page, information to be used, or thought about. It is specifically for his layout.

Now to the nitty gritty.

There are many things in wiring up a layout. Ease of wiring vs ease of operation. Sometimes the two do not go hand in hand. But the simpler you make it the better it is to work out problems.

Ideally DCC is a iniital choice for a new layout, as it cam be quite simple in some respects. I gather from Chris he does NOT want to go DCC, as many British locos need extensive mods, which he does not wish to do.

We know he has 4 controllers, a Duett controller and two smaller power packs. The Duett will run the double track mainline, while the yards will share one controller, and the branch the other. He is happy for each mainline to be one controller, but that presents difficulties for operation when you change lines at the crossover,
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